Bio & Eco

The ecological techniques and materials used in the renovation of our house have made the building beautiful, functional and comfortable while at the same time preserving the testimony of its passage through history.

All this has made it possible for us to register a very high energy class category.  And here's why: the building is insulated with wood fiber; the lime plasters are painted with natural dyes; wooden windows have panes that prevent overheating; the heating system transmits both heat and cold through the floor, the ceiling and the walls; the air inside is exchanged 24/24 and humidity levels are controlled; the bathrooms have water-saving taps to minimise water consumption; the furnishings are all in wood, with ecological dyes and are made y local artisans; the mattresses are made from natural latex and we use cotton sheets, naturally; the curtains and the bedspreads are made using handmade Sardinian wool colored with natural vegetable dyes; cleaning is done using only natural detergents; for lighting only LED bulbs are used and the system is equipped with sensors for automatic switching off; almost all the energy needed will soon be produced by a photovoltaic system on the roof. As well as paying great attention to the environmental issues of the area in which the building is located, we  are intent on  ensuring the well-being of guests, by offering food and wine products that come from the surrounding area only. A virtuous choice that allows visitors to learn more about local culture and culinary traditions.